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HVAC & appliances repair service in San Jose AND SURROUNDING AREAS
Air conditioner
It is in your best interest to ensure all minor problems are fixed right away to avoid bigger issues.
At Global Appliance Repair, we understand the need for comfort in your own home or business, especially in a warmer climate, which is why we are fully focused on keeping your air conditioning system in good working condition all the time. Sometimes, your AC might develop issues for no obvious reason and since it is a modern piece of equipment, it might be hard to immediately figure out what the problem is. This is where our technicians come in with the required skillset and experience to diagnose the issue get it fixed in no time.
Some common issues your air conditioner might have are
  • Not cooling at all
  • Not cooling enough
  • Not working at all
  • Making noise
  • Overshaking
  • Overheating
  • Broken
  • Dirty
  • Сlogged drain line
Start min labor $185
HVAC service call: $65 or FREE with REPAIR
  • Diagnostics fee $65
  • Air - filter replacement $115 + part
  • Capacitor (PSG) replacement $255 - $320 + part
  • Fuses (power box) replacement $225 + part
  • Electronic control board replacement $255 - $420 + part
  • Limit thermostat, fuse replacement $245 + part
  • Fan motor replacement $315 + part
  • Relay replacement $185 - $265 + part
  • Evaporator coil replacement $380 - $650 + part
  • Filter dryer replacement $325 - $420 + part
  • Transformer replacement $265 + part
  • Compressor replacement $385 - $700 + part
  • Condenser coil replacement Individually
  • Contactor replacement $185 - $295 + part
  • Wall Thermostat $185 + part
  • Price depends on mode
  • Refrigerant recharge R22 $110 per pound
  • Refrigerant recharge R410 $60 per pound
  • Refrigerant recharge R22 (replacement) $60 per pound
  • Nitrogen test (leak detection) $250
If you keep experiencing one or more of these issues with your air conditioner, then you definitely need our services. Our technicians are readily available to answer any questions you might have and perform all types of repairs.

Air Conditioner

Summers can get hot — which is why a functioning air conditioner is important to stay comfortable. Comfort in your own home affects the general well-being of the family, psychological mood and atmosphere of communication. One of the factors influencing this criterion is the availability and serviceability of the air conditioner. Only unexpectedly in San Jose can a situation happen when your AC can fail for no obvious reason. It is quite difficult for an ordinary person to determine the cause, so you need to call a professional who can figure out the device, diagnose the problem and solve it as soon as possible.

Air conditioning is the most indispensable household appliance in the hot summer. It is hard to imagine our existence without it. We want to feel comfortable at work, in the store, cinema, at home. But unfortunately, the operation of the air conditioner is may be short-lived, like any other household appliance. Therefore, sooner or later everyone must deal with equipment repair. With the Appliance & HVAC Repair Service you save your peace of mind and money. If you need air conditioner service or repair, our expert team of technicians is ready to help. Our maintenance and protection plans keep you covered so an unexpected breakdown is nothing to sweat about.

Why are we considered the best appliance repair company?

If you notice that your air conditioner is not working properly or is completely out of order, it is best to immediately contact the specialized master. Trying to solve the problem yourself is quite dangerous because such a device is connected to the electric mains. Repair and maintenance are necessary for each split system at least once a year to eliminate various negative environmental influences, as well as to prevent possible malfunctions that negatively affect its operation. By ordering our consultation you protect yourself from the occurrence of unwanted breakdowns at the most inopportune moment.

The development of the world market does not allow to stop the development of new technologies and improve the production of air conditioning systems. Based on the use of innovative technologies, it seems to us that air conditioners should work for a long period and not create any problems and headaches for their consumers. But often owners of HVAC equipment inconvenience their operation. This may be due to the inability to control the system, poor cooling, unpleasant odor, water leakage, and others.

At the same time, there are dozens of reasons appliance repair in San Jose for the occurrence of such breakdowns:
  • Water leakage from the device
  • Dirty indoor unit filter
  • Heat exchanger fouling
  • Lack of Freon
  • Compressor motor overheating
  • As well as poor-quality installation, configuration or startup of the device.
To cope with such problems can only be a professional. When you rely on HVAC Service you can expect professional service from skilled experts. Our service works from 8 am to 8 pm, but at any other time, the master will come to you to diagnose the problem. Turning to us, your family will get again feels comfort from coolness or heating as soon as possible. You can safely trust us. After all, relying on reviews, we perform our work 100%. Our company provides quality repair services for air conditioners of any manufacturer. The work of our master may consist of:
  1. External inspection and prevention of the air conditioning system (indoor and outdoor units);
  2. External inspection of parts and components of air conditioning equipment to determine mechanical damage;
  3. Checking the drainage system;
  4. Dismantling and cleaning of external surfaces, output blinds of air conditioners;
  5. Checking and cleaning the heat exchanger of the indoor unit with steam under pressure;
  6. Visual inspection of the freon highway and checking the joints;
  7. Control of thermal insulation of freon pipelines;
  8. Cleaning the air intake and exhaust grilles;
  9. Cleaning the air filter;
  10. Check and clean the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit;
  11. Treatment of the heat exchanger and the impeller with a disinfectant;
  12. Check and clean the impeller of the indoor unit;
  13. Checking the control panel and executing commands from it;
  14. Checking the operation of the blinds of the indoor unit;
  15. Control measurements;
  16. Diagnosis of the number of freons in the system and its satisfactory for the operation of the equipment;
  17. Refueling freon.
We cooperate with many manufacturing companies. Therefore, in our work, we use only original spare parts with a subsequent guarantee on work from each repairman. If you want your air conditioner to last all summer long with minimal issues, annual maintenance is essential. During maintenance, a technician will tune-up your unit to ensure it is clean and running efficiently and safely. By doing regular maintenance, you can benefit from:
  • More energy-efficient cooling;
  • Lower cooling costs;
  • More consistent temperatures;
  • Reduction in repair;
  • Longer life;
  • Better indoor air quality;
  • More dependable indoor comfort.

The best quality and cost ratio of the technical work

In our company, each client is provided with an individual approach and attentive attitude to the problem associated with the repair or maintenance of AC systems. Prices for services are quite reasonable. The cost of repairing depends on the problem being diagnosed and includes the costs and the work of the repairman. Minimal repairing prices of labor is $ 185. The master`s departure for the inspection of equipment and advice is 65 $ or free with repair. We understand the importance of having good equipment for a restaurant or market, therefore, we will quickly and efficiently solve your problem. If you do not know what to do if the air conditioner breaks down, then rather call us on the phone or send an application. We will come to your home and fix any problem. A request on the site makes it possible to get a discount of 10%. We build trust by keeping our appointments and repairing your equipment correctly. We are going to give you options so you can make the best decision for your home. Call us now and our fixers will arrive whenever you want.