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Refrigerator Not Cooling

Have you encountered a problem that the refrigerator is not cooling? The reasons for this malfunction can be many. But first, check that the door is closed tightly and that the fan is working. It happens that a fan freezes in two-compressor refrigerators. To fix the problem, you need to completely defrost the refrigerator - at least 10 hours. If this does not help, then the cause of the breakdown is more serious.

Why doesn't the refrigerator chill properly?

Fridge is not cooling because of the following conditions:
  • There was a leak of freon from the cooling system. This may be caused by temporary metal wear or mechanical damage;
  • The tubes of the refrigeration system are clogged. Correctly eliminate this problem can only a specialist. Do not try to clean the blockage yourself, because there is a risk of releasing freon from the system;
  • The defrost button pressed. It's hard to call a breakdown, but often because of this, the refrigerator ceases to fulfill its basic functions;
  • The sealant does not adhere sufficiently to the housing. Seal rubber wears out and gets damaged over time. To correct the defect, the worn element must be replaced;
  • The compressor is broken. This is the most common cause of impaired cooling function. The only solution is to replace it. But what if the refrigerator does not cool, but the compressor is running? It is necessary that the master inspected the equipment.
Our specialist will come to you on the day of the call, pinpoint the cause of the type of breakdown, and offer repair solutions.

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