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Solving Dryer Problems

Modern clothes dryers greatly facilitate the process of washing and drying clothes in the cold season. But, like any technique, these devices are able to break down and fail. What are the most common dryer problems:
  • Damage to the power unit, impeller, gearbox. In case of wear of these elements of the system, they must be replaced with new ones;
  • Failures in the electronic power supply;
  • Failures in the temperature controller;
  • Faulty fans.
Many breakdowns are provoked by dust settling, wear of oil seals, bearings. But guessing exactly what causes the failure of your device is not worth it. Call the master to inspect the equipment. Our specialist will arrive at a time convenient for you, inspect the equipment, determine the type of malfunction, possible solutions to the problem, the amount of work and the price.

The temperature in the dryer does not reach the desired level?

We offer repair appliances services and the departure of the master at home at your address. We have prompt customer service. Most breakdowns can be fixed at home. In this case, the master at the first visit will perform the necessary work. If you need to replace the parts of the mechanism, then we will order high-quality analogues and install new components. We have extensive experience in the repair of washing machines and dryers, so we guarantee a successful result. We offer competitive prices and attractive discounts. We will be happy to help you.