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It is in your best interest to ensure all minor problems are fixed right away to avoid bigger issues.
If you run a food service business, then you should know the importance of your commercial dishwasher. Since you are constantly serving food to your customers, you cannot afford to run out of clean dishes. This is just one of the many reasons why your commercial dishwasher should always be in great working condition to avoid any setbacks. Global Appliance Repair understands the importance of a dishwasher in your line of work and this is why we are dedicated to ensuring yours works perfectly when you need it to
Some common issues that may
arise with your commercial dishwasher are
  • Dishwasher won't start
  • Dishwasher leaking water
  • Dishes are not perfectly clean
  • Makes unusual sounds or vibrates
  • Dishwasher doesn't drain
  • Stops mid cycle
  • Door won't shut
Start min labor $185
Commercial Appliance service call: $75 or FREE with REPAIR
If you experience any of these issues or more, then you are definitely in need of our expert services. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in dishwasher maintenance and repair services and are always available to help you out. To get started, all you have to do is request a quote and we will send you a technician in no time.

Commercial Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers have long become an indispensable kitchen helper for everyone. Such devices are very helpful in saving our time. For a food service business the dishwasher becomes a real lifeline, as it frees the mountains of plates, cups and pans from hand-washing. But sometimes you may experience some issues with this device. The most common problems with dishwasher:
  • malfunction of the control board;
  • filter clogging;
  • insufficient water heating;
  • dishwasher not cleaning or draining;
  • leaking.
If your dishwasher does not drain, check the filter to ensure it is not clogged with food debris or plastic. Almost all other operating issues encountered with dishwashers are beyond the typical homeowner's ability to fix. The appliance is a remarkably robust assembly of electrical and water-related parts.

Important parts that fail and can be replaced efficiently:
  • door latch or seal;
  • pressure switch;
  • drain pump or fill valve;
  • soap dispenser.
A few tips about that how to keep your dishwasher in a good condition.

Scrape dishware before loading. Larger food clumps can clog washer arms and pump screens. However, many appliance technicians debate just how clean dishes should be before you wash them in the dishwasher. Some say dishwasher detergent requires something to adhere to, or it will leave residue on the dishes and dishwasher interior. Check the spinner or spinners for buildup. A spinner has small holes that water's dispersed through. Over time, food particles and soap can block the holes and diminish the appliance's performance. Use a small, straight, somewhat sharp tool, like a toothpick, skewer, etc., to penetrate the holes and remove debris. Inspect the dishwasher's hoses and replace them as necessary. Also check where the dishwasher drains water, which is generally right inside the washer, near the front-bottom of the appliance. Check for buildup there and clean the area to ensure consistent, effective drainage. Don't overdo the soap. Repair pros say people commonly use too much dishwasher soap, which builds up in the machine, putting a strain on the pump/motor assembly, spray arm and other components.

But what if the machine broke down and buying a new one is expensive?

If you want to be certain of the quality of repairing, leave it to professionals. Global HVAC and Appliance Repair company with a spotless record and long years experience will provide high-quality and cheap repairing, so you will be able to go back to the things were as soon as possible. Our specialists work with different household and commercial appliance repairing all kinds of breakdowns.

We are reliable and verified company for commercial dishwasher fixing?

Global HVAC and Appliance Repair specialists will help you to solve any technical problems quickly and qualitatively at a reasonable price. Our professionals carry out commercial dishwasher repair, because they have extensive experience working with all the leading models of equipment of famous brands.

Your costs will be justified by the high-quality service and fast work of our masters

Our clients get the best appliance repair service for a good value. Having ordered online application – you receive a 10% discount on work.

Our dishwasher repair company is in San Jose. Our specialists will come to you on the day the application is received. If possible, repairing is carried out at the place of visit. In case of a local service, the fee for the arrival of the wizard is not considered. We also carry out a preventive inspection of the devices. Therefore, you can order this service from us and be calm in reliability of the appliance. We are interested in long-term cooperation with our clients, therefore we offer the most favorable conditions.

Leave an application on our site in order to receive fast and quality commercial dishwasher service and quickly back to the usual way of life. Our technicians at Global Appliance Repair can easily repair any issues your dishwasher might have and have it working like a brand new one.

You can also contact us by phone 408-766-2271. Our repair-techs are highly trained and certified professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in repairing all brands and models of all major appliances.

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