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HVAC & appliances repair service in San Jose AND SURROUNDING AREAS
Garbage disposal
You can consult our experts anytime to get your garbage disposal repaired at the lowest price possible.
If the garbage disposal unit you are having problems with is an older unit, sometimes it will be cheaper to buy a new one rather than repairing your old disposal. Of course, this will depend on what exactly is wrong with your garbage disposal. Our highly trained service technicians will be able to diagnose and provide you with a quote of the cost for the repair, so that you can decide, before the repair is performed, whether you prefer to buy a new one or repair your broken one.
Some common faults you might be experiencing with your Garbage disposal are
  • Garbage Disposal Will Not Turn On
  • Disposal Hums But Does Not Grind
  • Disposal Is Leaking
  • Disposal Drains Slowly
Start min labor $185
Residential Appliance service fee: Installation $235 + part
Fridge, Freezer, Wine cooler (residential repair)
  • Start/overload relay replacement $235 - $285 + part
  • Compressor replacement $295 - $480 + part
  • Condenser fan replacement $195 - $380 + part
  • Evaporator fan replacement $195 - $380 + part
  • Condenser coils replacement $295 - $480 + part
  • Evaporator coil replacement $320 - $520 + part
  • Temperature control (thermostat) replacement $265 + part
  • Door switch $245 + part
  • Defrost timer replacement $185 - $245 + part
  • Defrost heater $215 - $295 + part
  • Defrost thermostat $195 - $295 + part
  • Lamp switch $225 + part
  • Ice maker $225 - $395 + part
  • Water inlet valve $220 - $320 + part
  • Water line repair, installation Individually
  • Water dispenser repair Individually
  • Control board replacement $265 - $520 + part
Dishwasher (residential repair)
Water Inlet Valve replacement $185 - $255 + part
Wash Arm Assembly replacement $185 - $255 + part
Circulation Pump replacement $215 - $285 + part
drain pump replacement $215 - $285 + part
Clogged drain $185 - $255
Touchpad and Control Panel replacement $185 - $245 + part
Main Control Board replacement $185 - $245 + part
Thermal Fuse replacement $185 - $245 + part
Door Latch replacement $185 - $265 + part
Door Seal replacement $185 - $235 + part
Heating Element replacement $185 - $285 + part
Dispenser replacement $185 - $285 + part
Washer (residential repair)
Lid Switch Assembly (top load) replacement $225 - $315 + part
Door Latch (front load) replacement $225 - $295 + part
Motor Coupling replacement $185 - $255 + part
Drive Belt replacement $195 - $255 + part
Motor Control Board replacement $185 - $255 + part
Clutch replacement $215 - $280 + part
Stator Assembly replacement $285 - $330 + part
Rotor Assembly replacement $285 - $350 + part
Bearing replacement $285 - $380 + part
Drive Motor replacement $280 - $395 + part
Transmission replacement $320 - $395 + part
Door Lock replacement $225 - $265 + part
Timer replacement $185 - $255 + part
Drain Pump replacement $185 - $285 + part
Clogged Pump or Hose $185 - $255
Water Inlet Valve replacement $185 - $255 + part
Clogged Water Inlet Valve $185 - $255
Hose replacement $185 + part
Pressure Switch replacement $185 - $255 + part
Dryer (residential repair)
Thermostat replacement $185 - $255 + part
Fuse replacement $185 - $255 + part
Belt replacement $195 - $275 + part
Heating element replacement $245 - $320 + part
Igniter replacement $195 - $255 + part
Blower replacement $215 - $320 + part
Control board replacement $255 + part
Timer replacement $185 - $255 + part
Gas valve replacement $245 - $375 + part
Flame sensor replacement $185 - $255 + part
Idler pulley replacement $185 - $255 + part
Motor replacement $215 - $320 + part
Roller replacement $185 - $245 + part
Stove, Range, Cooktop, Oven (residential repair)
  • Igniter (Gas Oven) replacement $245 + part
  • Bake Element (Electric Oven) replacement $215 - $285 + part
  • Incoming Power Problem replacement $65
  • Service call only
  • Thermal Fuse replacement $245 + part
  • Loose or Burnt Wire Connection replacement $185 - $285 + part
  • Temperature Sensor replacement $185 - $285 + part
  • Convection Motor replacement $195 - $285 + part
  • Oven Main Board replacement $255 - $380 + part
  • Outer Door Glass replacement $185 - $320 + part
  • Door Hinge replacement $185 - $320 + part
  • Thermostat replacement $215 - $285 + part
  • Spark Module replacement $185 - $285 + part
  • Spark Ignition Switch replacement $185 - $285 + part
  • Gas valve replacement $325 + part

Garbage Disposal Repair Service

Often, regular and intensive use of a kitchen sink leads it to malfunctions. Clogging of the throat of the sink or the siphon itself with residues of household waste can occur when washing and cutting vegetables and fruits and leaving the dishes for a long time after eating. The problem of waste management has growing fast. Its rates have reached the global definition. Meanwhile, today everyone can contribute to its decision. To avoid such troubles, you can use a disposer that grinds food waste. This is relatively new equipment, which is launched for use by American manufacturers and is already distributed around the world.

Cooking cannot do without the appearance of waste that must be disposed of. The bin was replaced by modern equipment that can grind food waste and send it to the sewer along with the household waste. Thanks to the appearance of this useful device, the problem with unpleasant odors from the sink, annoying insects, dangerous microorganisms and fungi is solved, with clogged pipes are solved. But even though such a design is designed considering all safety requirements, it can also fail.

Home appliance service company in California

An electric sink chopper helps to instantly get rid of leftover foods that aren't edible. He copes with vegetables, fruits, chicken and small fish bones, cereals, watermelon crusts, bread, and pasta, etc. Using a disposer in the kitchen increases the hygiene of the room. At the same time, there are no cutting parts in modern units, therefore they do not carry danger. In order for the waste to turn into a crushed product, they need to get to the bottom where the rotating plate will crush them. But, unfortunately, such equipment can also fail.

There may be several reasons for the occurrence of breakdowns in kitchen grinders. This is the natural wear of parts; voltage drops in the power supply network and violation of operating rules. The last two points lead to the failure of the grinding elements, control system, and motor. Failure of the elements of the disposer can be caused by the ingress of small kitchen appliances, rags, bags into the device. The work of the master in San Jose can be limited only to the extraction of foreign objects or the replacement of broken components. In order for the equipment to last longer, you do not need to load large bones, corn cobs, banana peels, green stalks, onion husks, threads, large fish scales, hot fat into it. At the same time, the installation will easily cope with the processing of fruit and vegetable scraps, pitted cherries and plums, melon peel and watermelon, eggshells, cereals, pasta, fish and small bird bones, paper napkins.

If you have any kind of breakdown, you can always contact to our repairing service. Over the years, we have been helping people in most of the US states with domestic problems. Global Appliance repair this is a team that always tries to be as useful as possible with minimal costs, regardless of the complexity of the work performed. We cooperate with the best suppliers of original spare parts. Therefore, there are never problems with their absence and poor-quality equipment. We use only original elements with a subsequent guarantee on work from each master.

Convenience and duration of operation of kitchen grinders begin with the correct installation of the device. It is better to install the dispenser on a double sink since contact with hot liquid is harmful to it. This work should be done by a master who knows all aspects of the work. We install, connect, and repair food waste garbage disposal in San Jose and other states at home, or directly at a service center. Our experts will repair, connect and install the disposer of any configuration and brand. This procedure is not complicated but requires appropriate skills and full responsibility for the work done.

How much does it cost to call a master to home to diagnose a breakdown?

In case of malfunctions in the operation of the disposer, you need to turn it off and wait for the arrival of a specialist. It is forbidden to disassemble the equipment on own and remove an object that has got into it. Without knowing the design features of the device, you can damage its other components. Entrust repair to the master who will carry out it quickly and accurately.

Our experts of appliance repair in San Jose have prepared some tips that can avoid breakdowns in the future:
  • Keep any excessively hard debris away from the chopper;
  • Sometimes throw some ice at it. It knocks down the accumulation of garbage on sharp edges that keeps them from grinding food properly;
  • Avoid placing debris or solid objects below the net;
  • Grind large objects into smaller pieces. If they are too large, like melon skins, cut them into small pieces and put one into a grid;
  • Turn on cold water while the waste chopper is on.
The call of a private master of garbage disposal service always justifies the attempts of self-repair. The cost of various maintenance services is calculated individually and negotiated with the master, depending on the degree of complexity of the problem and the cost of spare parts. In our center, all prices for services are indicated on our website. The minimum cost is 185$. The minimum appliance service fee is 65$ or free with repair. We also carry out diagnostics by telephone or by photo. It will allow us to make a list of further actions. We are ready to help with breakdowns of any kind - big, small, complete fixing and replacement of main components and aggregates.

We will come to your home and fix any problem. Our location allows us to react to your problems instantly and eliminate them on application day. You can be sure of the reliability of our service. Based on reviews, we perform our work 100%.