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HVAC & appliances repair service in San Jose AND SURROUNDING AREAS
Water heater
It is in your best interest to ensure all minor problems are fixed right away to avoid bigger issues.
Water heater problems are quite easy to spot, and they a major cause of discomfort in the home. Nothing is more annoying than having to take a cold shower because your water heater won't work. At Global Appliance Repair , our priority is to ensure your water heater and other home appliances are in great working condition at all times. Regardless of what the issues are, our team of technicians are well-trained and competent enough to carry out long-lasting repairs.
Some common water heater issues are
  • Water heater won't turn on
  • Doesn't release hot water
  • Leakage from the tank
  • Water from faucets appears discolored

Start min labor $185
Commercial Appliance service call: $65 or FREE with REPAIR
If you are currently experiencing any of these issues with your water heater, then you need our expert services. Our technicians take the time to access the situation and suggest the best solution to avoid a recurrence of the same problem in future.

Water Heater Repair Service

The presence of a water heater is an indispensable attribute of every house or apartment. Hot water is considered a necessary component of convenience and personal comfort. If you notice a leak behind your water heater or that it completely stopped working, you need to urgently seek help from its service. After all, the lack of hot water brings great inconvenience. You cannot wash the dishes normally, take a shower, clean the house, wash, heat the room and more. When a problem occurs, it might be a disaster. In this article, we will show you some simple techniques to deal with some common heater issues.

Masters are usually called by those who value their comfort, time and money. Even though such installations are quite reliable with long service life, like any other device, they can wear out and fail. Therefore, you need to regularly conduct diagnostics and appropriate maintenance. We are ready to repair electric and gas water heaters in any area of San Jose. Excellent knowledge of the design of different models allows you to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot. Employees may present all necessary approvals for working with gas and electrical equipment. Your heating device will be in safe hands, which will fully restore its lost functions.

Our company will produce efficient installation, error-free input, correct connection, equipment diagnostics, and testing

Repairing water heaters can be dangerous for those who have not previously encountered such a problem. A person without the necessary skills and knowledge can spoil expensive equipment, make its use dangerous. This is a rather complicated technique, so it is better to trust the repair to professionals. When you rely on Appliance Repair in San Jose you can expect professional service from skilled plumbing experts. Our service works from 8 am to 8 pm, but at any other time the master will come to you to diagnose the problem. Turning to us, your family will get hot water again as soon as possible.

Did you know that most water heaters are constantly running? As one of the most heavily used devices in the home, your heating device experiences slow, but steady deterioration over its long lifetime. When you come home to find your water heater leaking, it's (typically) the result of thousands of hours of continual use, rather than a catastrophic accident. A water heater malfunction can be a sign of a wide range of problems that must be fixed immediately in order to avoid a complete failure of the device. After all, a boiler malfunction can significantly affect the quality of life of a family, so there is no point in delaying the maintenance process.

Our team carries out water heater repairs both at home and in our service center. Such a technique is part of a hot water supply or heating system, so it is more convenient to repair it at you an object. Our specialists have all the necessary tools for the maintenance of a heating device. With us, you will not have to suffer from a lack of water, because we will come to you on the day of treatment. In order to prepare for the next work, we can conduct a consultation by phone. Our employees will inquire in detail about the symptoms of a malfunction, specify the make and model of the boiler, pick up spare parts and arrive at your home for final diagnosis and repair. We can easily cope with preventative maintenance (descaling the boiler), and we will also replace defective parts. In electric models, heaters, temperature controllers, thermostats, and an electronic control board often break. In gas, breakdowns of arson systems, temperature sensors, deterioration of the water membrane and filters are possible.

The TOP symptoms of equipment malfunctions are:
  • complete lack of heating;
  • overheating of water;
  • a small interval between switching on and off;
  • leakage;
  • loud noise.
There are dozens of causes for such damage. Our craftsmen can quickly identify it. For this, a thorough inspection, testing, and diagnosis of the device can be performed. Based on the results of the work carried out, the repairman will conclude how to repair the equipment. Our company cooperates with various manufacturers of water heating plants. Therefore, in our work, we use only original spare parts that will ensure proper operation for many years. The availability of reliable components is the key to quality service of household appliances. A warranty of up to 12 months is provided for repairs and installed accessories.

Troubleshoot cost by our fixers

You should choose Global as a furnace repair service because we work with you in the same city. Our location allows us to react to your problems instantly and eliminate them on application day. You can be sure of the reliability of our service. Based on reviews, we perform our work 100%. In our center. all the best prices for services are indicated on our website. The minimum cost is $185. The minimum appliance departure is $65 or free with repair. We are ready to help with breakdowns of any kind - big, small, complete fixing and replacement of main components and aggregates. We offer not only the best value for money but also good discounts for regular customers.

If you looking to install a brand-new water heater for your home, this should also be entrusted to professionals. In this case, you will be sure that the equipment is fixed securely, configured correctly and will serve you for many years. Our experienced specialist would also be happy to provide insight into your choice of a replacement model. Based on your budget and functional needs, they'll recommend a few cost-effective options so you can make an informed decision for your home. Your fixer will gladly answer any questions you have during the process.