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Ice Machine
Global Appliance Repair understands the need for a perfectly working ice machine to your company and this is why we are always hands-on and ready to take on any repairs you need.
A good and functional commercial ice machine is an important appliance in any restaurant. This is because customers usually like their drinks cold and on time. As a professional in the foodservice business you definitely know the key role your ice machine plays in your business and having it in good condition is an utmost priority. However, being a modern appliance, your ice machine might develop some minor or major issues sometimes and this will definitely affect your output during this period.
Some common technical issues commercial ice machines usually have are
  • Leaking water
  • Low water pressure
  • Switch is defective
  • No/poor ice cube production
  • Clogged water filter
  • Thermostat not working
Start min labor $185
Commercial Appliance service call: $75 or FREE with REPAIR
Our technicians know exactly how to fix the above-listed issues and more. We also ensure that all repairs are top-quality to avoid a recurrence. To get in touch with one of our technicians, please request a quote and we will send you a technician same day.

Ice Machine Repair Service

If in your restaurant, bar or store the main income consists of preparing food and drinks using ice, then special attention should be paid to the working capacity of the Ice machine. This is a type of professional technical equipment intended for the automatic production of food ice. It is used for making cocktails and for cooling food. Such equipment can be industrial and domestic. Industrial can be with a built-in refrigeration unit, with a remote unit, with water or air cooling of the condenser.

But with regular and intensive use of the unit, a breakdown can occur at any time, which will lead to financial losses. To avoid this, it is necessary to adhere to some operating and servicing rules:
  • The device must be connected to a drinking water supply system;
  • The hopper can only be used to store ice;
  • It is forbidden to store bottles and products in it;
  • The doors of the ice bin must be closed;
  • Do not block the water supply valve during operation of the device;
  • Do not slam the door;
  • Do not place objects on top of the equipment;
  • The device should be cleaned after each use, as well as after a longer period of inactivity.
  • Use soft cloth and do not use harsh cleaners or abrasive products that could scratch the device.
  • Periodically check the integrity of the network cable.

Commercial maintenance of professional equipment

If a breakdown has already occurred, then in no case should you try to fix it yourself. It is imperative to contact a professional repairman. Without knowing the design features of the device, you can damage its other components. Entrust repair to the master who will carry out it quickly and accurately. We are ready to provide you with qualified advice by phone or photo. It will allow us to make a list of further actions. We are ready to help with big or small breakage, to complete fixing and replacement of main components and spare parts.

During a self-review you may find one of the lists of breakdowns:
  • clogged drain rod or sewer (the presence of water inside the chamber and unfrozen cubes due to cooling in the chamber of foreign products or improper connection of the hose);
  • breakdown of the programmer (there is no signal to start the freezing or defrosting cycle);
  • breakdown of the solenoid valve (the valve opens, passing a hot stream into the evaporator);
  • breakdown of the thermostat (no signal about the temperature in the chamber);
  • clogged nozzles and malfunction of the pump (improper ice form or incomplete filling of forms due to lack of the required amount of water);
  • opacity of ice cubes (due to the use of hard water containing a lot of lime and calcium);
  • a malfunction of the thermostat or switch (ice is not produced, or the pressure switch trips in emergency mode due to a defect in the thermostat of the hopper);
  • poor freezing or complete freezing of the evaporator (pressure below or not at all exceeds the norm due to clogged capillary or refrigerant leakage);
  • prolonged production of ice (due to clogging of the radiator);
  • unstable operation of the pump;
  • excess water in the chamber;
  • the appearance of water under the body;
  • leakage of water;
  • noisy operation of the unit;
  • flashing indicators on the panel and many other reasons for appliance repair.
The repair of the ice machine may consist of cleaning the filter, nozzles, condenser and drainage system. Experts of our company will conduct a leak test of the refrigeration circuit, fill it with freon, monitor the main work processes, wash the condenser, and replace the necessary components. This can be a pump, thermostat, solenoid valve, programmer, capillary tube, filter drier.

How much does it cost to call a master on an object?

Specially trained specialists will make a professional, high-quality and inexpensive repair of your equipment at your home or in our service center. For the servicing of ice generators, our experts use only high-quality original spare parts and components. Our Ice machine repair service is available to residents of Morgan Hill, San Jose, Saratoga, Cupertino, Fremont, Milpitas, Campbell, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Newark, and others. We will come to your home and fix any problem. Our location allows us to react to your problems instantly and eliminate them on application day. You can be sure of the reliability of our service. Based on reviews, we perform our work 100%.

The cost of repairing a wine cooler depends on the problem being diagnosed. It includes the costs and the work of the repairman. Start minimal price of labor is 185$. The master`s departure for the inspection of equipment and advice is 65$ or free with repair. We understand the importance of having good equipment for a restaurant or market, therefore, we will quickly and efficiently solve your problem.