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HVAC & appliances repair service in San Jose AND SURROUNDING AREAS

Appliance Repair in Sunnyvale

Daily use of household appliances eliminates the need to spend time and energy on washing clothes, cooking, and many other household tasks. A refrigerator, TV, microwave ovens, and ovens have found their place in the house and free us from a constant routine. But how uncomfortable life becomes when at least one device fails. If you want to quickly deal with the problem, then call us and our fixers will arrive at any time and place convenient for you. Global is a team that developed the Appliance & HVAC Repair Service in Sunnyvale, CA.

Do you want to get a 10% discount at home appliance fix?

With each of us, at any time, a nuisance in the form of a breakdown of equipment can happen. But we must always be prepared for this and have at hand the telephone number of a reliable service that can fix everything at any time. The fault of the equipment can occur for many reasons: differential in the electrical network, wear of parts, rough handling. But most often this is a non-compliance with the rules of use or a strong deterioration of parts. Turning to us, we will carry out diagnostics, maintenance, replacement of parts, adjustment of kitchen and commercial equipment. If you do not have the opportunity to bring the equipment to us, our specialist will come to you at the address and correct the damage at home. And then provide a guarantee from our service center up to 12 months.

If you need to home appliances and HVAC repair, then call at +1 408-766-2271 or book the visit of the master on the website online and get a 10% discount. At any time, convenient for you, our specialist will arrive at the appointed place and will quickly fix the problem. The cost of the diagnostics is $ 65 or free of charge when carrying out repairs. According to its results, the master will calculate the cost of service, designate the time and volume of work. The minimum labor price is $ 185. Our service can get you a free consultation regarding the prevention and operation rules of the equipment, as well as free order support at all stages of cooperation.