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Wine cooler
It is in your best interest to ensure all minor problems are fixed right away to avoid bigger issues.
A refrigerator is an essential appliance for many businesses in the foodservice industry, as it helps preserve perishable food items. Issues with the refrigerator may have an adverse effect on your business, so it's critical to ensure your refrigerator is in good working condition at all times.
Some common refrigerator issues are
  • Water present in food compartments
  • Refrigerator keeps leaking water
  • Too much frost in freezer
  • Static electricity builds up
  • Refrigerator isn't cooling properly
  • Refrigerator stopped working
  • Refrigerator makes loud unusual noises
Start min labor $185
Residential Appliance service call: $75 or FREE with REPAIR
We have skilled and experienced technicians who are prepared to fix most issues on the same day. However, should we need to order a replacement part for your fridge, you will be presented with a detailed estimate, including an accurate timeline, after the diagnostic.

Wine Fridge Repair Service

HVAC service is a young team. Their achievement will allow us to obtain new knowledge and skills and provide services for you even more qualitatively at the highest level of service. Now our work is focused on the repair of household appliances and systems. Our honesty and responsibility make our customers coming back to us with their appliance repair needs. Our focus is to exceed our customer's expectations and leave them satisfied every time. There are no difficult tasks for us. We will carry out repairs in the office or go to you in the nearest suburb.

To service your equipment Global Appliance and HVAC repair will provide you with licensed technicians who love what they do. Our masters are highly trained and certified professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in repairing all brands and models of all major appliances.

In our center in San Jose we have employees with 5 years experience. We are a reliable service that provides 100%. We offer expert help with solving any technical problems. Breaking an appliance brings a lot of discomforts, but with our help, you can solve a problem efficiently, quickly and inexpensively.

Appliances service center in your surrounding areas

Many people in everyday life often face problems associated with equipment breakdowns, be it a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a stove, a microwave and so on. At the same time, we do not think about how often businessmen suffer from breakdowns in their restaurants, shops, and offices. In evening we love to come with friends and drink a glass of wine in a cozy restaurant. But once we feel the feeling that it has changed in taste and is not at all what it used to be. It may happen due to a wine cooper breakdown in the restaurant.

A wine fridge is an essential appliance for many businesses in the foodservice industry, as it helps preserve perishable food items and drink. Any breakage may hurt your business, so it's critical to ensure the equipment is always in good working condition. Expensive wine requires special storage conditions. If you do not take care of the repair of the wine cabinet on time, the entire collection of bottles will have to be thrown away or used to make sauces.

According to statistics of our appliance service in San Jose, the most common breakdowns with which we are addressed are the failure of the sensors, failures in the control unit, the deformation of the seal on the door. Other problems can occur with a wine storage refrigerator:
  • Lack of interior lighting;
  • Increased or reduced temperature in the chamber;
  • High or low humidity in the chamber;
  • Problems with switching on;
  • Abnormal noises during operation;
  • Water present in food compartments;
  • Refrigerator keeps leaking water;
  • Too much frost in freezer;
  • Static electricity builds up;
  • Refrigerator stopped working;
  • Other signs.

It is often arising due to:
  • Incorrect operation;
  • Incorrect installation;
  • Factory marriage;
  • Faults of the electronic control unit;
  • Failure of electronic humidity and temperature sensors;
  • Reject the door and seal.

In commercial companies (restaurants, cafes, shops) refrigeration equipment works with increased load, therefore they require special attention and regular maintenance. All existing models differ among themselves not only the brand of the manufacturer but also the technical characteristics. If your equipment has ceased to show signs of performance, then it's time to take care of its repair. Most of the damage can be fixed. Wine refrigerators, like ordinary household ones, have a complex system and only a professional should be engaged in their repair. In case of any damage, we are ready to come to any area to repair the equipment on the same day. We work for you 7 days a week and are ready to arrive at your place with free diagnostics services with the repair at any time that is convenient for you.

To postpone repair equipment for a long time is not worth it. After all, expensive alcoholic beverages require special storage conditions. Violation of the internal temperature and humidity will change the taste and aroma of a wine. We advise you not to try to deal with the problem yourself, but to entrust it to professionals. Our staff will diagnose the equipment, detect damage, pick up the necessary parts and install them in place. We understand that time is money. Therefore, we are ready to provide you with technical support at any time. We operate at city average rates but offer an exceptionally high level of service.

Minor costs to repair equipment for later earnings

Global HVAC and Appliance Repair mission is to give our customers the best quality service at a reasonable price. Our team accommodates skilled and experienced technicians who are prepared to fix most issues. We will make repairs on the day of your request. However, should we need to order a replacement part for your fridge, you will be presented with a detailed estimate, including an accurate timeline, after the diagnostic.

The cost of repairing a wine cooler depends on the problem being diagnosed. It includes the costs and the work of the master. Start minimal labor $ 185. The master`s departure for the inspection of equipment and advice is $ 75 or free with repair. We know how important working equipment is for a restaurant. Therefore, 90% of faults are eliminated in a few hours. If a replacement of items that are not available is required, then repairs take a little longer. After work, our master conducts testing and checking the health of the refrigerator.

We are ready to provide you with qualified advice by phone, as well as guarantees for the work being done. If you have any questions, we will answer all of them. Our time picking system enables to fit our calls to your convenience. You can order the visit of the master on the site and get a 10% discount. We know all technology for repairing wine fridge repair, so we will do everything at the highest level.