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Blodgett Appliance Repair

Global is a company engaged in the repair of household appliances from global manufacturers. For us, there is nothing impossible. We can deal with any breakdown that has occurred with your device. To do this, you just need to contact our service. One of the types of equipment that we serve is the Blodgett brand. It is a manufacturer of furnaces that are used around the world. Restaurants, fast-food chains, hotels, hospitals, institutions, small businesses and large corporations alike rely on the Blodgett name. Although times and nutritional needs are constantly changing, Blodgett`s commitment to building the best remains the same. Even though they won the first revolution of their production more than 150 years ago.

Technical Services by your minor costs

The whole world recognized the Blodgett brand and is grateful to him for the ultimate in ventless hood technology combines with a catalytic system with a condenser to remove steam, smoke and fumes – Hoodini. «Helix Technology» improves the Hydrovection's unique design with a patented process optimizing the efficiencies within the oven cavity resulting in faster cook times, greater yields and improved product quality. «Energy Star» qualified models reduce utility costs and may be eligible for rebates from utility companies. But unfortunately, even the highest quality equipment can fail. In this case, our team will come to your aid.
Now our work is focused on the repair of household appliances and systems. Our honesty and responsibility make customers coming back to us with their appliance repair needs. There are no difficult tasks for us. We will carry out repairs in the office or go to you in the nearest suburb. Breaking an appliance brings a lot of discomfort, but with our help, you can solve a problem efficiently, quickly and inexpensively.
It is impossible to imagine appliances that will serve you forever. If you encounter an unpleasant breakdown that worsens the quality of your life, you need to contact specialists as soon as possible. Blodgett appliance repair should be done by a technician, who has experience and skills in this area. Our employees have 5 years' experience. We can offer you maintenance services for the Blodgett Convection oven, Bakery depth oven, half-size oven, combi ovens, rack oven, Deck ovens, Baking & roasting oven, Pizza oven, Countertop oven, Steam equipment, Blodgett Range.

Provider of parts for your kitchen appliances

If you want to fix your kitchen equipment quickly, call us by phone number 408-766-2271. We will do our best to facilitate the cooking process. We cooperate with many manufacturing companies so that in our work, we use only original spare parts with a subsequent guarantee on work from each repairman. If we need to order some parts, usually it takes around three business days to get them. It is important to remember that the self-repair of commercial appliances can lead to serious consequences. It may simply lead to higher costs of Blodgett appliance service in the future. Trust us your kitchen equipment and you will have peace of mind.