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HVAC & appliances repair service in San Jose AND SURROUNDING AREAS

ADC Appliance Repair

For over 50 years, the ADC brand has earned well-deserved positive feedback from users. But, like all electronics, the technology of this brand has the property to fail. This may be caused by wear and tear, operational errors, or power surges. If you need high-quality diagnostics and repair of ADC household appliances, then you can use our services. We have extensive experience in working with professional dryers. The repairman will perform a competent diagnosis, find out the cause of the defects in the work and offer a way to fix the problem. It is in our interests to eliminate damage as quickly as possible and return a functioning device to you.

ADC Repair Service

Our appliance service accepts all types of equipment from the ADC brand line for repair:
  • AD series dryers are the most popular laundry equipment. They are suitable for large industrial organizations, therefore, due to serious loads, they can fail;
  • EcoDry Dryers - we repair models in electric and gas configurations;
  • Industrial dryers AD-200, AD-310, AD-410, AD-464 - powerful devices that are designed for high productivity.
    What are the most common breakdowns of dryers:
  • depressurization of the exhaust duct;
  • roller wear due to tangles and uneven weight distribution;
  • violation of the power of the drying drum due to overload by weight;
  • loosening the belt tension;
  • getting into foreign objects - coins, keys.

Repair of equipment in California

Our masters will be able to restore the functionality of all elements of your equipment, if necessary, replace worn parts with new ones. We have a quick service - the master arrives the facility on the day of contact. If a local correction of the problem is possible, then the fix is carried out on the ground. We work throughout CA, set affordable prices and hold promotions. When accessing through the site, a 10% discount is guaranteed.