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HVAC & appliances repair service in San Jose AND SURROUNDING AREAS
Stove, Range, Cooktop, Oven
Commercial ovens are the most widely used appliances in the food-service industry.
. Keeping them in good working condition is vital for the success of your business, as well as health, safety and happiness of your customers. By doing preventative maintenance for your commercial ovens, cooktops and ranges, you can spare yourself the trouble of costly repairs or replacements.
Common commercial oven issues we deal with:
  • Oven temperature is not hot enough.
  • Food Is not cooked evenly.
  • The pilot light won't stay lit
Start min labor $185
Commercial Appliance service call: $75 or FREE with REPAIR
Regardless of the source of issues, our technicians are more than qualified to fix it and prevent future truobles. All you have to do is contact us for a quote and we will schedule your same day appointment.

Commercial Stove, Oven & Cooktop Repair

It is very weighty fact that all the needed appliances in the kitchen work well and without interruption. If you have your own restaurant business, this need is greatly increased. Commercial ovens, stoves, and ranges are the most widely used appliance in the food service industry. Professional trade and technological equipment is a technique that is used in catering establishments. The good work of any institution depends on its quality. As you know, any technique is constantly being improved, so you need to follow all the latest products and update equipment in your restaurant, cafe or shop.

Most household ovens and stoves work off of 220-volt outlets, not the type most appliances use (120-volt). The increased voltage makes a stove a more electrically robust challenge for parts failure and repair.

Three common problems with cooktops and ovens:
  • Your electric stove will not heat — When calling a stove repair service, be specific: is only one burner not working, or do all of them refuse to heat?
  • Your electric oven will not change heat — This is a control problem, in which an infinite switch that regulates electrical power levels is malfunctioning
  • Your gas stove will not light — No click? Defective ignition switch; click and a smell of natural gas? The pilot light is out; no flame and no smell of gas? You may have a clogged valve.
Things to inspect for possible issues:
  • electric stove top;
  • electrical ovens;
  • electric stove burner;
  • electric range;
  • top stove and oven;
  • glass top stove;
  • burner element;
  • circuit breakers;
  • terminal block;
  • safety valve;
  • temperature sensor;
  • burner igniter;
  • loose wire;
  • gas stove burners;
  • wall ovens;
  • gas burners;
  • range burner;
  • stove burners and oven temperature;
  • oven light;
  • range stove;
  • surface burners;
  • heating element;
  • gas range;
  • burner and oven;
  • infinite switch;
  • broil elements;
  • baking element;
  • fuse box;
  • range or oven;
  • power cord.
The stove you use in your kitchen has several intricate parts that can affect the normal functions of the equipment. Even if one part fails, it can render the home appliance useless. With the help of a stove technician, you can easily repair the house appliance.

Repairing the inventory is usually more cost effective when compared to replacing the machine. If you plan stove repair without getting help from a professional oven repairman, you must have an idea of the parts that can be responsible for the problem. Use a local and reliable appliance repair service and be sure in quality of the work.

Why specialists of Global HVAC and Appliance Repair are in the top?

Our appliance repair service company has more than 5 years of experience and we provide qualitative fixing of professional kitchen inventory from all manufacturers, including refrigeration equipment. thermal kitchen, dishwasher and other appliance used in modern professional kitchens. We will do our best to keep your business running smoothly. To do this, we formulate and maintain a stock of critical and consumable spare parts for all the equipment we supply.

We will help you in repairing of any brands and models of ovens and stoves

Are your appliances not performing up to your standards? Get the help you need to whip them back into shape. Global HVAC and Appliance Repair will provide you with licensed technicians who love what they do. Our repair-techs are highly trained and certified professionals who are experienced in repairing all brands and models of all major appliances. We will provide you with a quality commercial oven repair service.

To order oven repair of our company contact us - 408-766-2271 or INFO@GLOBALREPAIR.PRO. When you choose commercial stove repair services with Global HVAC and Appliance Repair, you will quickly discover that we are the best appliance repair company. You will ask why? Because our time picking system enables to fit our calls to your convenience and the location allowes us to react to your problems instantly and eliminate them on application day.