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HVAC & appliances repair service in San Jose AND SURROUNDING AREAS
Stove, Range, Cooktop, Oven
And remember that your working with 220 volts, use extreme caution!
If your element is not heating up and nothing else on the oven, cooktop, or range is working then check the fuse or circuit breaker and test for power. If the power is on and the unit is getting power and you have standard surface burner element, test the surface burner and the burner switch. If your oven temperature doesn't appear to be correct, make sure the controls are set properly and that the oven selector switch is set right and that the temperature switch is set to the desired temperature.
Then test for voltage, there may be a problem with the oven thermostat or oven elements, call GLOBAL APPLIANCE.
Some common faults you might be experiencing with your Stove, Range, Cooktop or Oven
  • Oven not heating
  • Oven doesn't bake evenly
  • Oven broiler not working
  • Oven temperature not accurate
  • Oven light is out
  • Oven won't turn on
  • Oven not self-cleaning
  • Oven won't turn off
  • Oven door repair
  • Oven fan won't turn off
  • Range heating element not working
  • Range burner won't light
  • Range surface element won't turn off
  • Range burners spark all thee tim
Start min labor $185
Residential Appliance service fee: $70 or FREE with REPAIR
Fridge, Freezer, Wine cooler (residential repair)
  • Start/overload relay replacement $235 - $285 + part
  • Compressor replacement $295 - $480 + part
  • Condenser fan replacement $195 - $380 + part
  • Evaporator fan replacement $195 - $380 + part
  • Condenser coils replacement $295 - $480 + part
  • Evaporator coil replacement $320 - $520 + part
  • Temperature control (thermostat) replacement $265 + part
  • Door switch $245 + part
  • Defrost timer replacement $185 - $245 + part
  • Defrost heater $215 - $295 + part
  • Defrost thermostat $195 - $295 + part
  • Lamp switch $225 + part
  • Ice maker $225 - $395 + part
  • Water inlet valve $220 - $320 + part
  • Water line repair, installation Individually
  • Water dispenser repair Individually
  • Control board replacement $265 - $520 + part
Dishwasher (residential repair)
Water Inlet Valve replacement $185 - $255 + part
Wash Arm Assembly replacement $185 - $255 + part
Circulation Pump replacement $215 - $285 + part
drain pump replacement $215 - $285 + part
Clogged drain $185 - $255
Touchpad and Control Panel replacement $185 - $245 + part
Main Control Board replacement $185 - $245 + part
Thermal Fuse replacement $185 - $245 + part
Door Latch replacement $185 - $265 + part
Door Seal replacement $185 - $235 + part
Heating Element replacement $185 - $285 + part
Dispenser replacement $185 - $285 + part
Washer (residential repair)
Lid Switch Assembly (top load) replacement $225 - $315 + part
Door Latch (front load) replacement $225 - $295 + part
Motor Coupling replacement $185 - $255 + part
Drive Belt replacement $195 - $255 + part
Motor Control Board replacement $185 - $255 + part
Clutch replacement $215 - $280 + part
Stator Assembly replacement $285 - $330 + part
Rotor Assembly replacement $285 - $350 + part
Bearing replacement $285 - $380 + part
Drive Motor replacement $280 - $395 + part
Transmission replacement $320 - $395 + part
Door Lock replacement $225 - $265 + part
Timer replacement $185 - $255 + part
Drain Pump replacement $185 - $285 + part
Clogged Pump or Hose $185 - $255
Water Inlet Valve replacement $185 - $255 + part
Clogged Water Inlet Valve $185 - $255
Hose replacement $185 + part
Pressure Switch replacement $185 - $255 + part
Dryer (residential repair)
Thermostat replacement $185 - $255 + part
Fuse replacement $185 - $255 + part
Belt replacement $195 - $275 + part
Heating element replacement $245 - $320 + part
Igniter replacement $195 - $255 + part
Blower replacement $215 - $320 + part
Control board replacement $255 + part
Timer replacement $185 - $255 + part
Gas valve replacement $245 - $375 + part
Flame sensor replacement $185 - $255 + part
Idler pulley replacement $185 - $255 + part
Motor replacement $215 - $320 + part
Roller replacement $185 - $245 + part
Stove, Range, Cooktop, Oven (residential repair)
  • Igniter (Gas Oven) replacement $245 + part
  • Bake Element (Electric Oven) replacement $215 - $285 + part
  • Incoming Power Problem replacement $65
  • Service call only
  • Thermal Fuse replacement $245 + part
  • Loose or Burnt Wire Connection replacement $185 - $285 + part
  • Temperature Sensor replacement $185 - $285 + part
  • Convection Motor replacement $195 - $285 + part
  • Oven Main Board replacement $255 - $380 + part
  • Outer Door Glass replacement $185 - $320 + part
  • Door Hinge replacement $185 - $320 + part
  • Thermostat replacement $215 - $285 + part
  • Spark Module replacement $185 - $285 + part
  • Spark Ignition Switch replacement $185 - $285 + part
  • Gas valve replacement $325 + part

Stove, Oven, Range & Cooktop Repair

We want to offer appliance repairing service from experienced masters of Appliance & HVAC Repair Service. We are a team that serves customers in California and other state cities. If your residential, commercial appliance or HVAC is out of order, we will repair it on the day of contact or at any other time. Professional team with a spotless record and long years' experience will provide high-quality and cheap repairing, so you will be able to go back to cook as soon as possible. Our activity is based on servicing household and commercial appliances, including Stove, Oven and Cooktop.

Your home appliances have broken down and you don't know what to do next and where to go? We are ready to save you from unnecessary worries. Our repairmen have a technical background and extensive experience. Each of them undergoes training on the rules of service and communication with the client. They also pass an examination in theory and practice with technical specialists from a service center. Every year we expand our team and improve the quality and professionalism of our service. We select an individual approach to each client, due to which the quality of repair services is increased. An opinion about our work is very important for us, so we will be happy if, after cooperation, you leave a review on our website.

Home appliance service company in California

Appliance & HVAC Repair Service provides a wide range of home appliance services. We always try to be as useful as possible with minimal costs, regardless of the complexity of the work performed. Our work is based on cooperation with suppliers of original spare parts. Therefore, there are never problems with their absence and poor-quality equipment. We use only original elements with a subsequent guarantee on work from each master. The cost of various maintenance services is calculated individually and negotiated with the master, depending on the degree of complexity of the problem and the cost of spare parts.

Global provides services both private and business clients. Our company has extensive experience of cooperation with industry and trade organizations, restaurants, cafes, launderettes and dry cleaners. If you want to be certain of the quality of repairing, leave it to professionals. Our fixers know what they are doing thanks to many years of experience, skills and knowledge of technology. They will quickly detect a breakdown, carry out thorough repairs and provide a guarantee.

We are all very accustomed to home helpers - appliances, devices, systems. Without them, a familiar and streamlined life loses comfort. Electric stoves and ovens are one of the most frequently breaking appliances in the home. The list of breakdowns can be endless. In all cases, experienced intervention by professional craftsmen with work experience is required.

Repair of household appliances is carried out by the masters of our service center, regardless of type, functionality and characteristics. Oven Repair may consist of:
  • Glassdoor replacement;
  • Replacing ten;
  • Convection motor replacement;
  • Replacing the mode select switch;
  • Inverter replacement;
  • Replacing panel buttons;
  • Replacing the temperature selection thermostat;
  • Repair the control panel.
Even with the proper operation of the stove, a malfunction in the operation of the equipment sometimes occurs and repairs are required. It may consist of:
  • Magnetron replacement;
  • Replacing ceramic bottom;
  • Transformer replacement;
  • Voltage multiplier replacement;
  • Inverter replacement;
  • Replacing panel buttons;
  • Door hook replacement;
  • Grill replacement;
  • Engine replacement.
Cooktop repair is one of the most difficult types of repair of kitchen appliances. The main type of work consists of:
  • Burner replacements;
  • Relay replacement;
  • Engine replacement or prevention;
  • Touch panel repair;
  • Power supply repair;
  • Control unit repair;
  • Error reset;
  • Repair after a power surge.
With the advent of modern technology, the process of repairing household appliances has become much more complicated. In devices, glass or cermet's now completely cover heating spirals, the temperature is regulated by touch buttons, structural changes facilitate operation and virtually eliminate the risk of accidents. Damage occurs mainly due to improper installation or operation of household appliances.

How much does it cost to call a master to home to diagnose a breakdown?

Why choose Global as a service? Because we work with you in the same city. We are providing services in Morgan Hill, San Jose, Saratoga, Cupertino, Fremont, Milpitas, Campbell, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Newark and others. We will come to your home and fix any problem. Our location allows us to react to your problems instantly and eliminate them on application day. You can be sure of the reliability of our service. Based on reviews, we perform our work 100%. What do we offer you?
  • Free departure and equipment diagnostics in case of repair;
  • Repair of any model and replacement of spare parts;
  • The best value for money for services;
  • Original components from manufacturers;
  • Discounts on services for regular customers - 15%;
  • Warranty on work performed - 12 months.
In our center all prices for services are indicated on our website. The minimum cost is $ 185. The minimum appliance service fee is $ 65 or free with repair. We also carry out diagnostics by telephone or by photo. It will allow us to make a list of further actions. We are ready to help with breakdowns of any kind - big, small, complete fixing and replacement of main components and aggregates.

We value and respect our customers. Therefore, we always professionally answer all questions and provide after-sales service at the highest level. We build trust by keeping our appointments and repairing your equipment correctly. We are going to give you options so you can make the best decision for your home. Call us now and our fixers will arrive whenever you want.