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HVAC & appliances repair service in San Jose AND SURROUNDING AREAS

Amana Appliance & HVAC Repair

Are you interested in high-quality repair of Amana household appliances? Our masters have experience and skills in working with devices of this brand. We will accurately diagnose the condition of the refrigerator, microwave or air conditioning. A specialist through visual inspection and diagnostics using special equipment will determine the type of breakdown and possible ways to eliminate it.
Amana equipment occupies an authoritative position in the market, but also sometimes requires maintenance. Wear of parts over time, non-compliance with operating rules and other factors can affect the state of the equipment. Therefore, it is important for you to have contacts of a reliable service center where you can get effective help.

Are you interested in a good service center near you? We will arrive at your address on the day of contact

Our format of work is this: you submit an application on the site about a breakdown and indicate the nature of the problem, the address of the house, and we arrive at a convenient time for you (on the same day) to inspect. The repairman will evaluate the defects and, if possible, try to eliminate them on the spot. If the damage is more serious, then we will take the equipment to our center for further maintenance. Isn't that convenient?
Our service is repairing the entire line of Amana equipment. What problems do we fix with refrigerators:
• malfunction of the temperature sensor. In this case, replacement is required;
• failure of temperature settings due to voltage drops;
• refrigerant leak;
• compressor failure;
• clogged cooling system.
Microwaves more often lose their functionality due to:
• a mains, high voltage or transformer fuse has blown;
• malfunction of the doubler;
• malfunction of the magnetron.
We can effectively eliminate any of these failures and many others. Wizards successfully work with HVAC-systems.

Order the arrival of the repairman at your address

Our home appliance service operates 8 AM - 8 PM (Mon - Sun). After submitting an online request on the site, we provide free advice. Making an order through the site guarantees you a 10% discount. We suggest that you save our phone number so that in case of an unexpected breakdown you can directly contact the repairman. We will be happy to help you restore the equipment.