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How to Fix a Dryer

The dryer does not heat up and you cannot understand what the problem is? The causes of such a malfunction may be:
  • Damage to the temperature sensor;
  • Heater burned out. This is the part that lends itself to the highest loads. Its breakdown can be caused by problems with the temperature sensor or natural wear and tear over time;
  • Sudden voltage drops. In such conditions, the elements of the system cannot withstand the load. Power surges can also lead to failure of the power supply filter, power supply, sensors and other mechanisms of the heating element;
  • Errors in the electronics unit. Failure or breakdown of this element leads to malfunctions in temperature control.
Modern technology has complex mechanisms, so only a master can handle any breakdown. We know how to fix each of the above faults and other, more complex breakdowns.

Does the dryer not heat up enough? Apply to call the wizard

Our home appliance repair company has all the necessary resources to quickly solve your problem. Master come at a convenient time for you to call a day. He will inspect the equipment, determine the type of breakdown and how to fix it. If possible, repairs will be carried out at your home. If the breakdown is more difficult, we will take the dryer to the workshop, order parts for replacement. We have debugged a service for the repair of washing machines and other equipment. Managers quickly process applications, craftsmen quickly go to customers, repairs are carried out efficiently and with appropriate guarantees.